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Holiday Skate


Buffalo Shamrocks it's that most wonderful time of year 

a time to frolic and make merry at our Holiday Family Skate full of cheer!


  Bear good tidings, cherubic cheeks and be ready to skate

as the ice time will end promptly so don't be late. 


 All Shamrocks and their families can now join our team

and gliding to our carols you will certainly twinkle and gleam.


 Come along Grampa, come along mum, 

come along sis to our rink, run, run, run.


 Bring sharpened blades of silver, blades of gold,

care we do not if they are new or they're olde,

bring blades with edges or even figure blades with toe picks,

but with no hockey this day you won't need your sticks.


 Dickens, it has long been said,

would have written not about Scrooge or Tiny Tim had he fallen on his head.

So celebrate with us and just in case it gets rocky, 

all revelers under 18 

must wear their approved helmets of hockey.


Dress seasonally and warm 'cause it's December you see,

but forego the equipment as there will no hockey be.

Sport your favorite 'Rocks sweater, leggins or wooly pompomed toque

and remember playing 'crack-the-whip' will bring a rebuke.


 'Round and 'round and 'round we'll go, 

being warmed with treats and perhaps a cup of joe.

Sing if you will, we'll all love to hear 'cause it's the Shamrocks family skate 

and it comes but once a year 


 It matters not about gifts and toys,

this holiday morn we'll all be hand-in-hand

so come to celebrate with joy

all good 'Rocks girls and boys!


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