Buffalo Shamrocks Hockey Club

Building Players For Life, One Puck At A Time.

Sportsmanship, Team Play, Personal Responsibility

Buffalo Zoo

  The Buffalo Shamrocks and The Buffalo Zoo 

The Shamrocks and Buffalo Zoo have partnered to develop the wonderful Buffalo Shamrocks Hockey Club Zoo Garden. Over the years this magical spot has allowed our children the opportunity to experience the full cycle of life. Our Shamrocks rake, mulch, weed, plant and play in the soil as well as feed many of the Zoo's animals with our garden's bounty, and all under the watchful eyes of the Giraffe, Peacock, and Rhino. But this civic component of our program offers so very much more; the garden project remains a cornerstone to our goal of "Building Players for life...", while emphasizing and acknowledging leadership skills both on and off the ice. Our girls and boys of all ages and abilities recognize at a formative stage the importance of giving back as they learn to work together, create community and hone team skills. 'Sportsmanship, Team Play and Personal Responsibility' become building blocks our players will take with them through life.

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