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When you open your August and September additions of the USA Hockey Magazine, you will find YOUR BUFFALO SHAMROCKS taking center stage as leaders in focused attention on player concussion and head injury safety.  The Buffalo Shamrocks Hockey Club is the very first program on the planet to mandate the Mark Messier/Cascade M11 concussion helmet for ALL players in the program. 
We encourage you to share your personal stories about our program with Mark at http://themessierproject.com/tellmarkyourstory.
As you now, our program is focused on education-based, values-oriented player development that starts with FUN.  However, we also want our players to maintain the integrity of their gray matter as they grow, mature and matriculate to high school, college and the great beyond of their adult lives.  We are always striving to be leaders in our sport and the development of our program.  Mandating the M11 helmet is just the first step, and the one that demonstrates our leadership above all programs.  But we are going much , much further.  From our mandated, basic first aid training for our coaching staff to targeted and focused coach development directly around head safety and understanding how to identify potential concussion symptoms in players, your Buffalo Shamrocks have made the safety of your children, our players and family members our top priority.


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