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Shamrocks Zoo Garden Empire Sports Feature

   Shamrocks Zoo Garden Empire

Sports Feature 

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The purpose of our ZOO GARDEN PROJECT is many faceted:


1. Civic Involvement - In keeping with our education-based mission of continuing to mature the individual within the team context and effort to raise the bar; to teach, challenge, identify, inspire and motivate young leaders and doers, introduce and support the concept of 'giving back' while contributing on a significant and long-term community endeavor, our exciting Garden Zoo Project is both educational and enriching and an opportunity for our participants to interact with Zoo personnel as well as other players, instructors and parents in a completely distinct and unique environment. We SHAMROCKS can, do and will make a difference and with exquisite edible flowers and our vegetable garden (this year we will introduce bamboo, a delicacy to many) which complements the diet of a multitude of Zoo animals and the 'seed-to-harvest' fruition this is an unparalleled chance to wonder and witness first-hand the full cycle of life.


2. Beautification - Once again, our plans call for the annual cleanup, extensive plantings, landscaping, maintenance, love, care and to embellish our little corner of our Zoo garden as only we can.


3. Diet Supplementation - The bounty of our vegetable garden and our edible flowers are depended upon by the kitchen dietary staff and directly complement the diets of many species of Zoo animals.


4. Zoo Membership - Becoming a Zoo Member has just become easier! And, we encourage you to do it as SHAMROCK! Increasing awareness of the importance of the Buffalo Zoological Gardens in our community and requirements of presenting their world-class exhibits ever-daunting, encourages each of us to consider joining the Zoo. Now is the time to join the zoo (or add a year or new level to your existing membership) and do so AS A MEMBER OF THE BUFFALO SHAMROCKS HOCKEY CLUB! Being a Shamrock/Zoo member has its benefits. 


5. Fun - Hey, like everything else SHAMROCKS, on ice or ankle deep in compost, its all about FUN. (it sure beats beats working anyway...)

6. Maintaining, 'growing' friendships and team development - The Buffalo Shamrocks Hockey Club is hockey academy with no resident requirements and consequently boasts a vibrant enrollment from throughout Western New York. As such, the opportunity for our players from diverse backgrounds and communities around the greater Buffalo area to support and continue close relationships with teammates in the offseason while giving back at the same time.

7. The Shamrocks Hockey League™ (SHL) synergy - The premier development hockey league under the umbrella of The Buffalo Shamrocks Hockey Club.  Each of the circuit's 8teams are named after some of our Zoo's favorite inhabitants, including the 'Original 4': River Otters, Golden Seals, Gorillas and Hyenas followed by two (2) expansions seasons, initially the Polar Bears and Anacondas in 2007-08 followed by the addition on the Anacondas and Rockin' Rhinos in 2008-09. Buffalo Zoo president Donna Fernandes has been instrumental in our growing partnership and has assisted in naming the teams. (Hint, watch for an additional expansion soon...)






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